Tratamientos para Hombres

Aesthetic Treatments for Men

Aesthetic Treatments for Men

How do we know that the new beauty care boom also applies to men, for personal care and health, they may be more exposed to these signs, depending on the lifestyle they may have, and with these treatments or care it can be improved health.

Now male beauty is booming and regardless of age, they love to look great. Here are some tips on aesthetic treatments for men to improve health and appearance.


Aesthetic Treatments

  • Oxygenation and Facial Hygiene

It consists of oxygenate and renew the epidermis, recovering its softness and keeping it smooth and firm, it also provides a youthful and luminous appearance and reduces pigmentation spots on the skin.

  • Facial and Body Treatment

It is a treatment that detoxifies and purifies the skin, to prevent and maintain prevents and its skin functions, in order to strengthen and regenerate the upper layers, which durably activates skin functions and bioenergetic processes, which refines the skin relief, diminishes pigmentation spots

Custom Antiaging

It is also a facial treatment, which carries out a complete study of the characteristics of the skin and a treatment is applied with biological products that renew the epidermal layer, giving it greater luminosity and unification of the skin tone.

Laser depilation

According to your skin and hair type, so that you can obtain the most effective and long-lasting results. These are the areas that you can laser depilate.

Hyaluronic acid

It consists of an injectable filler that is used to effectively eliminate wrinkles and expression lines, which in turn provides elasticity and gives the face a natural volume.

Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide of the glycosaminoglycan type, composed of various polymeric acid disccharides. But in more folkloric terms this is very effective in combating aging, because it increases the volume and hydration of the skin and makes it look smoother.

Collagen Regenerator

Together with hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, it allows cell bio-stimulation, repairing in a natural way the damages of skin aging, such as the degradation of the quality of the dermis and enhancing expressions of sadness and fatigue.

Men today are increasingly demanding more aesthetic treatments and just because they love to spend on products, not only for the appearance, but society requires that men must have a good appearance, for their usual business and public presentations as well as how they He has been mentioning, it is for health.

Treatment “Pure” Back:

It consists of enhancing the skin on the back and relieving daily tensions. It is one of the perfect combinations to exfoliate and eliminate dead cells, pimples and the extraction of blackheads, with the end result of a cleaner, smoother and more harmonious skin.

Aloe Vera Wrap

We have the knowledge of all the benefits that aloe vera produces, including medicinal, these products based on this rich crystal make this ritual a perfect combination between aloe vera and mint. A fresh and melting wrap that nourishes and regenerates the skin, leaving it perfectly silky.

Botox is also an option for them

This application consists of reducing the power and tone of the muscle in such a way that wrinkles are blurred. For this reason, treatments with botulinum toxin gain adherents and that is that 25% of Spanish men admit that they would not mind being treated with botox.

  • Plastic surgery:

Surgical treatments aimed at correcting small defects or concealing the passage of time also increase among men seeking permanent change.

There are several types of cosmetic surgeries for men, but the most prominent are:

  • Blepharoplasty:

Known as eyelid surgery. It is a very simple procedure, it consists of removing fat and excess skin from the upper and lower eyelids, with this it is possible to permanently eliminate the drooping eyelids and the bags that form under the eyes.

  • Liposuction and Abdominoplasty:

Sedentary life and poor diet cause fat to accumulate in men, especially in the abdominal area. This excess fat can be eliminated through, in cases in which excess skin must also disappear and correct muscle flaccidity with this type of surgery.

Today men can take care of their beauty as much as women without feeling any discrimination. This is just a small sample of all the cosmetic treatments for men out there to choose from. Men have so many options to choose from when it comes to beauty and personal care.