7 ways to screw it up in men’s grooming, and what to do so you don’t get caught

7 ways to screw it up in men’s grooming, and what to do so you don’t get caught

7 ways to screw it up in men’s grooming, and what to do so you don’t get caught

The male care It is a subject that clashes with his ego and macho personality, since from remote times the erroneous thought was conceived that to be aware of his physical appearance or personal care, was to lose masculinity or as what is known today as metrosexual, however it is a simple myth.

Because it is more of a dedication to being much more hygienic, which will undoubtedly cause a better image than a scruffy man, which can be identified by certain signs that scream how meticulous he is in this regard.


The 7 blunders in male grooming


One of the first notorious signs to notice the blunder of the Male grooming , is usually observed in the hands, more specifically in the nails, this is detailed in bitten nails, or by the presence of skin on the edge of the same, in addition to having long cuticles, so they are clear signs of a great oversight.

The best way to reduce this is simply with a manicure service, especially if your work exercise involves wear and tear of this aspect, without losing any manliness, since it is about hygiene and health even of your hands, it can even be reduced by yourself, using a hand moisturizer.

The second:

blunder sign within male care It is the issue of hairs on the nose, since many times they are not shaved and they begin to stand out, so anyone’s gaze deviates towards it, this can be solved with a special razor for it or a tweezer if you resist to this pain or with small scissors.


On the other hand, the third highly noticeable blunder is the chest hair, since they are an obvious reflection of a great neglect, although waxing is a bit unpleasant for many, you can simply reduce them and they will have a change in terms of abundance, what important is to diminish that hairy appearance as a kind of Tarzan.


However, the hairs also contain the fourth sign of little masculine care , not because of its abundance, but because of the lack of parity or when a half shave is carried out, because the correct thing or what looks best aesthetically is the shave from the Adam’s apple down, the ideal is to keep them paired, or to go constantly to the barbershop.


In the same order to leave the hair or shave area, the fifth signal is directed towards odors, since a lot is said about you and your hygiene, in itself, as men have a much stronger sweat, so it is you should take care of the right deodorant, a perfume that is not scandalous or excessive, but all balanced.


You cannot leave aside the sixth sign or sign, which is referred to the feet, especially if it is an athlete, you must take care of the appearance of fungus, since it also affects your health directly, in addition to cause a bad impression when taking off your shoes, for which it is necessary to use powders or products for it.


On the other hand, the seventh physical appearance is the excessive wear of the skin, especially when working on construction sites, so no manliness is lost by putting on a little moisturizer from your partner or your own for men, before go to sleep, which will undoubtedly greatly favor the male care .

These seven signs are evident to the human senses, so that other people can perceive it with great ease and ask questions about the hygiene that one has, but more than the opinion of other people it is a matter of personal health, to be good with yourself, which is reflected in large proportions to the outside.

Besides that they are small things that can be corrected without investing a lot of money, the best way to correct it is to start creating small habits, from the reduction and waxing of hair, to using cosmetics for men in terms of skin care, smell From these small aspects, big changes occur.