7 things you would never believe about male waxing

7 things you would never believe about male waxing

7 things you would never believe about male waxing

It is becoming much more common to remove body hair in men, there was a time when if a man waxed it was not considered “normal”. You had to have very good reasons to do it since the prejudices of the time stood out.

Today there are different methods to do a hair removal and it is that the times have advanced and since we are on the subject, here I am going to tell you 7 things that you would never believe about male waxing so make yourself comfortable and enjoy reading this article.


Fun facts that you would not believe about male waxing

Today it is no secret that many gentlemen prefer to keep their body hair free, some with more dedication than others, but it is a fact of public knowledge.

However, I am sure that many of the following points you did not know before, so we will show you the 7 things you would never believe about male waxing .

  1. Male waxing a practice since prehistoric times

We started strong and precisely with this the male waxing and shaving has existed since prehistory, it turns out that man has shaved since prehistoric times, he discovered that he could decorate his body in the same way that he did with caves and caves and they began this practice.

And if you think that today men take care of themselves more than women because it turns out that this practice of shaving was only practiced by men, they were the only ones who did this of waxing to decorate their bodies.

  1. Waxing was taboo

Although it may not seem like it, waxing was taboo in men until a few years ago, male waxing was normalized just a couple of years ago, before the only ones who did it were athletes and some actors, for waxing they could consider you a metrosexual person and in more extreme cases even gay.

  1. Few men openly admitted it

In 2006 men were surveyed and only 13.8% admitted that they shaved their legs, only 14.7% shaved their chest, 14.9% shaved their armpits, 2.3% % shaved their arms and 30.2% their private parts.

  1. Before, waxing was much less attractive in men

These figures 10 years before were lower, not even reaching half, today those figures are exceeded and many even doubling the figures.

The same surveys found that most women over 39 liked men without shaving and women under 39 liked them without shaving.

  1. Today men’s hair removal is 80% accepted worldwide

8 out of 10 men have ever waxed, this is because waxing has become a recurring and normal practice in men, whether for aesthetics, appearance, comfort or sports. Nowadays many men wax and the majority who have not done it are open to doing it.

  1. Waxing does not make hairs grow thicker

Do hairs tend to grow stronger? Well no, it turns out that this is just a myth. For years many people thought that shaving used to make body hair grow faster and stronger, yes, this is very contradictory but that was what was said.

But all this has an explanation, as it turns out that when we shave the remaining hairs they give the sensation of being thicker, but this is only because what we cut was the final part of the hair, that is, the tip and this makes the sensation of being thicker. . And if the hair is darker, it is because the new hair has not been exposed to chemicals or the sun.

  1. Men prefer laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the most effective way to depilate, it offers the longest time without hair to a person, the light that is applied to the skin destroys the follicle, in this way the hair becomes thinner and weaker until it disappears .

This technique is also the most expensive but also one of the most requested thanks to its effectiveness. This obviously also has disadvantages such as the price or the fact that you have to be careful if you have sensitive skin as this technique could cause burns.

These were the 7 things you would not believe about male waxing , and if you have not waxed yet what do you expect to do it, when a man waxes he usually feels comfort and freedom.