2 reasons cosmetic surgery is so popular for men

2 reasons cosmetic surgery is so popular for men

-Less time to spend on maintaining physical fitness

In our fast-paced world, the focus has been on working smarter, not harder. This can be applied to the workplace, although in many companies long hours are expected and considered the rule, not the exception. With the demands of their work, as well as social and home life, men often don’t have time to spend in the gym to maintain the physique they enjoyed in their younger years.

Lack of exercise combined with long hours sitting at a desk and a gradual decrease in metabolism as you age can leave you with the dreaded “daddy body” – a doughy, smooth look that’s hard to get rid of, even if you’re following a healthy routine. , diet and fit in with exercise. If you’re frustrated by stubborn excess fat that refuses to respond to your best efforts to get rid of it, liposuction may be the solution. solution . At the top of the list for surgical procedures among men, liposuction is the most popular, accounting for about 25 percent of all surgeries for men. While it requires a bit of recovery, downtime is minimal and Results are dramatic without being obvious.

-Our society

It’s no wonder that men are taking a closer look at plastic surgery. Everywhere you look, there seems to be a camera ready to turn even the smallest moment into a post-worthy event. And as phone camera technologies advance, seemingly casual photos become art – high definition, up close, and personal art.

They are all your harshest critics, and no one wants to miss out on being in your best friend’s wedding photos or helping your baby take his first steps. But if you feel self-conscious from a flabby stomach or wrinkles that appear clearly when you smile, you may find yourself walking away from the camera at crucial moments.

Motivating factors

The desire to look younger, meet the high expectations of contemporary style, and the need to enhance a public image are the key reasons why more men choose to have surgery. esthetic. All of these reasons point to the central purpose that motivates most men to choose to improve their appearance, and that is competition. It’s no secret that those who are perceived as more handsome also receive greater social success.