We all know that male laser hair removal is already a fact, and more and more men are looking to undergo this type of treatment. And the best thing will be that they do it hand in hand with the best professionals.

If you are looking to know which is the best male waxing center in Barcelona then keep reading.

Best laser hair removal center in Barcelona


For the care of the 21st century man, without a doubt, the best laser hair removal center in Barcelona is Luz de luna Barcelona. This center is known not only for offering full-body hair removal for men , but also for offering its clients wellness treatments that adapt to each one’s lifestyle.

It is a center that specializes only in care for men, whose sole interest is to provide the best of its knowledge to meet the needs of men with their therapies and treatments, and the odd proposal that is made in order to always improve.

This, being the best male waxing center in Barcelona , has a high commitment to always use the best products that can be found for all types of clients. Always seeking to apply the appropriate treatment for each type of skin that deserves it.

Not only do they stand out because all the products they use in their treatments are totally respectful of nature, but they also treat the client in a personalized and respectful way so that they feel like another part of the center and not just a client.



In this option we see that the packages are implemented to wax the back (with a price between 80 Euros and 156 Euros), also a package to wax the back plus the shoulders (for a price from 100 Euros to 240 Euros) and the chest ( for a price of (50 Euros to 120 Euros).

In this category we also see other packages such as the chest along with shoulders (for a price of laser hair removal from 65 Euros to 156 Euros), also the chest along with the abdomen (from 80 Euros to 156 Euros) and the groin (from 40 Euros up to 96 Euros).


In this service category we can then find packages of legs and feet (for a laser hair removal price from 80 Euros to 156 Euros), the groin, plus the buttocks and the perianal region (from 80 Euros to 156 Euros), the groin plus the buttocks (from 60 Euros to 144 Euros).

Also, in the best male waxing center in Barcelona , you can shave your buttocks (for a laser hair removal price from 40 euros to 96 euros), and the perianal region plus the legs (from 150 euros to 360 euros).


In this category you can find packages to wax your arms and hands (for laser hair removal price from 60 Euros to 160 Euros), the neck (from 30 Euros to 72 Euros), the armpits (from 35 Euros to 84 Euros), and also the whole body (for only 300 Euros).


You should know that these are only the services offered at CL Estética oriented to male laser hair removal , but they also provide other services such as manicures and pedicures, for those men who like to keep their feet clean.

They offer massages for those men who want to get rid of stress. The massages are also taken with the herbal pindas modalities, and you can also take them with volcanic stones or basalt if these are your preference.

Other services offered in the best male waxing center in Barcelona are facials, where they perform anti-aging treatments, as well as vitamin C treatments, oxygenating treatments for facial hygiene and others.

As they also give a body service, in which you can opt for manual lymphatic drainage, a body radio frequency plus drainage, body reducer or body peeling.


At this point in the article, it is normal that you want to contact him as soon as possible to enjoy any of his services. You should know that they have a contact number which is +34 +34 93 163 02 04. You can also find them on Facebook as

The best male waxing center in Barcelona is located on Calle Mallorca 127 mezzanine, Barcelona. And they have an opening hours from 10:00 am to 21:00 pm (Monday to Friday). from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm (Saturdays and Sundays).